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Top 5 Things To Do In Asheville Off The Bike

Asheville is our backyard so you’ll have to forgive us if we talk about it a lot. Besides the bike riding (which is nothing short of amazing), Asheville and the surrounding areas play host to some incredible eats, drinks and history! We know that not everyone likes to sit on their bike for every minute of

Why Take An Asheville Cycling Vacation?

It’s true that we offer life-changing cycling vacations in storied international destinations like France and Italy. But did you know we can also arrange your life-changing Asheville cycling vacation in Western North Carolina? Asheville and the surrounding area is quickly climbing up to join the ranks of Tuscany and Provence and we couldn’t be less

Preparing for a Bike Tour: The DIY Bicycle Tours Way!

Stressed about preparing for a bike tour? We’re here to help! You’ve booked your tour. You’re bursting with excitement. Now the questions start. What should I pack? Should I take a map? Will I stand out like a sore thumb? These are all natural questions that most travelers ask at some point. Once you book

Our Favorite Tips to be Prepared for a Rainy Ride

It’s no secret that weather can make or break a ride. Brilliant sunshine and a light breeze are the makings of truly memorable ride. Especially when you’re riding from Florence to Panzano in Tuscany! However if you add in some rain, it can be a tough day in the saddle. It can be a tough

Our Top Apps for Communicating While Abroad

One of the most common questions we get from upcoming tour guests is how do we stay in touch with our loved ones while we’re traveling? Should we buy a phone card? Well, you certainly can but to many international travelers, phone cards have gone the the way of the traveller check. They’re rarely used

How to Pack Your Bike for Air Travel

You’ve been looking forward to your bike tour to Europe all year, you’ve put in all the training miles, and are starting to get your packing list together. The one area of bike tours that can give people the most anxiety is getting your bike safely to your overseas destination in one piece. Here we

Bicycle Anatomy Video

We’ve finally started filming! Here is the first video in a series that we plan to create: Basic Bike Anatomy. This is actually the first take since the 2 subsequent takes were worse and longer (I go on tangents and provide way too much info-imagine that!). I taught bike clinics at the Bicycle Outfitter back