Going on a Cycling Vacation in a COVID-19 World
Cycling Safely in a COVID-19 World
Cycling Safely in a COVID-19 World

Cycling Safely in a COVID-19 World

For many cyclists, the urge to explore and ride in new places did not diminish when the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe. We still feel the drive to breathe in the fresh air from the saddle, to discover a new culture and to meet the people that make up the destinations we love so dearly. We have such an amazing community of customers and partners who we know feel the same way. If you’re interested in going on a cycling vacation but still have concerns about the coronavirus, we’re here to offer you some answers. Read on to learn how we are learning that cycling vacations in a COVID-19 world can be a safe thing.

Q: Who will I be riding with on a DIY vacation?

A: Only those you choose!

DIY Bicycle Tours caters to private self-guided experiences where you won’t be in a large group of people traveling from all over the world. This is a great way to manage risk. Stick to your group and social distance when appropriate. Our local recommended guides are amazing. They will happily do everything they can to assist you on your journey in a safe and considerate manner. 

Q: When can I go on a cycling vacation?

A: Whenever you choose!

You may start to notice a theme here: it is your choice. You schedule your vacation for when you are able and feel safe. Your group doesn’t have to stick to our tour company calendar or squeeze in to make inconvenient dates work. It’s all up to you. Of course, our Tour Packets provide guidance on when we believe are good travel times. We’ve ridden the roads of Europe and North America during literally every season and are happy to work with you to determine a good time. 

Q: Don’t we have to social distance while riding also?

A: Yes, if it makes you feel more comfortable.

There was an article shared during the height of the stay-at-home orders in America that essentially said you could contract COVID-19 even when exercising outdoors. This sparked lots of dialogue about whether running and cycling was actually safe. It is now widely accepted that while contracting the disease is possible, it is incredibly unlikely. The vast majority of infections have come from indoor gatherings that included an infected person. We’ve determined that if we know and trust who we are riding with, then we feel significantly safer but we should also acknowledge that nothing is foolproof. Ultimately, this is your vacation and whether or not you feel safe is totally up to you! And when you’re following our routes, you’re generally on quiet roads far away from anyone else.

Q: As the owners of Outfitter Bike Tours and DIY Bicycle Tours, will you be traveling abroad this year?

A: Yes, if allowed and if we deem it safe.

We’re very excited to return to the rescheduled Tour de France in September but are planning to take some extra precautions. This is an ever changing situation so we’re trying to be as smart as possible about our actions, and change our plans as necessary. We will wear masks on the plane, we’ll refrain from shaking hands with some of our long-time partners, and we’ll stick to social distance measures as much as possible. It won’t feel normal but we believe it’s necessary for us and it’s the responsible thing to do for our community. Our local community and our European community. If we can’t go, that’s fine. We have many wonderful routes to enjoy here at home in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

These are some of the questions we’ve received and we hope they clear up some of the things you may be feeling. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We want to make sure you have an unforgettable (in a good way) cycling vacation but we really want to make sure that it is as enjoyable and safe as possible. To us, that fresh mountain air is hard to beat when it comes to mental health and we’ll do everything we can to help you get there!