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Where Can You Find Safe Lodging During the Coronavirus?

Safe Lodging During the Coronavirus As our tours get going again we are receiving many questions about safe lodging. One of the most common questions we’ve seen and we expect to hear more is the safety of our accommodations? Are they safe? Are they even open? The first thing to know is that we are

Going on a Cycling Vacation in a COVID-19 World

Cycling Safely in a COVID-19 World For many cyclists, the urge to explore and ride in new places did not diminish when the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe. We still feel the drive to breathe in the fresh air from the saddle, to discover a new culture and to meet the people that make

Is Cycling Safe in the COVID-19 Age?

Is Cycling Safe in the COVID-19 Age? We firmly believe that good health is a multi-dimensional target and cycling can play a crucial part. We strive to be healthy in body, mind and spirit. For us, that means we need exercise to keep not only our muscles strong, but also our minds sharp. Exercise is

Cycling Tour Packing List

Packing for vacation can often be stressful. Packing for a week-long cycling tour can seem downright daunting. A thorough cycling tour packing list can ease the stress of packing, and also ensure that you’re prepared for a variety of situations during your bike trip. Cycling Clothing & Accessories: Baselayer Cycling jerseys Bibs or bike shorts

Bicycle Anatomy Video

We’ve finally started filming! Here is the first video in a series that we plan to create: Basic Bike Anatomy. This is actually the first take since the 2 subsequent takes were worse and longer (I go on tangents and provide way too much info-imagine that!). I taught bike clinics at the Bicycle Outfitter back