Coming soon: Vermont Bike Tour

Vermont Bike Tour

Enjoy a scenic ride 

Pedal through the countryside, and journey to some of the most scenic areas in Vermont.

Check out some photos below from past cycling trips in Vermont:

vermont river view

scenic vermont

vermont bike trail

bike tour vermont

Your DIY Vermont Bike Tour Packet Includes:

  1. Routes that will fit your needs: Our routes are completely customizable and allow flexibility in your schedule. We deliver proven GPS routes developed by tour planning experts. Included are easy spins around town and epic routes.
  2. Planning tips that get you there with your dream itinerary: With our tour packet we lay out all the details you need to organize and plan for a cycling vacation. We include everything from seasonal weather considerations, rental bike sources, packing lists, suggested hotels, and tips for finding discounts on airlines and other costs.
  3. Pitfalls to avoid: We’ll fill you in on all the possible pitfalls you’ll want to avoid. This includes roads to avoid riding on, how to avoid getting stranded (hint: we have local guide suggestions!), and how to keep your non-riding companions from being bored.
  4. Easy To Follow Process & Organization Spreadsheet Template: The Tour Packet is outlined in an easy “1-2-3” step format: 1) Pick Your Dates 2) Organize & Reserve 3) Go On Your Tour! Collect all your info on a spreadsheet that allows you to collect all the specifics of your tour.
  5. Secret spots to visit: Want to know favorite places locals enjoy visiting? It’s in the tour packet.
  6. Off-Bike Activities: We have so many suggestions for activities that you could keep yourself busy without touching a bike!
  7. Food & beverage reccos: Every good ride deserves a great meal and a refreshing beverage. You can depend on our recommendations for everything from quick, budget-friendly meals to a nice relaxing evening.
  8. What to read: Our tour packet even includes recommendations on what you can read to enhance your time in the area.